Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does BirdTape work?
A: BirdTape provides a visual cue to birds by breaking up the reflection on windows and by absorbing light at a different rate than the glass it is on.

Q: Who developed BirdTape?
A: BirdTape was developed by American Bird Conservancy, America's leading bird conservation organization, with funding from the Rusinow Family Foundation. Because our aim is to reduce collisions rather than make a profit, our tape is sold to you at cost.

Q: How long will BirdTape last?
A: BirdTape will last up to four years once installed

Q: How effective is BirdTape?
A: American Bird Conservancy has tested BirdTape at a special bird science facility in Pennsylvania and found it to be 75% effective in preventing bird collisions.

Q: Are options with even better performance available?
A: American Bird Conservancy has tested CollidEscape at a special bird science facility in Pennsylvania and found it to be nearly 100% effective in preventing bird collisions; in fact, can guarantee performance. ABC BirdTape is a tradeoff of performance for cost.

Q: Can't I just use Scotch tape or other tape from the store?
A: Any tape will prevent bird collisions to some degree – some more than others – but ABC BirdTape has been specially tested for its effectiveness. It will also remain on your window for much longer than regular tape without peeling off. ABC sells this at cost, so it is very economical to use.

Q: Do I need to tape all my windows?
A: All windows can be a potential threat to birds, but some more than others. Windows under a covered porch, behind bushes, or with very small panes are less likely to kill birds. Big, exposed windows are more likely to cause bird strikes. Windows near feeders are particularly problematic. If you have had birds hit your windows, start with those first.

Q: How will BirdTape affect my windows?
A: BirdTape is translucent and so lets light pass through, but you cannot see objects through it. However, because you space BirdTape several inches apart, you will still be able to see out of your window and your room will not be appreciably darker.

Q: Will BirdTape leave behind a residue?
A: When you peel off BirdTape, it may leave behind a slight stickiness. This can easily be removed with a razor blade.

Q: When do I need to put BirdTape on my windows?
A: Birds can hit your windows at any time of year. If you don't want to leave tape on your windows year-round, you can apply it during spring and fall when birds are migrating and collisions with glass are at a peak.

Q: Why can't I apply BirdTape to the inside of my windows?
A: You can, but it won't be very effective. Glass reflects light off the outside surface, and so bird collision preventatives can only break up the reflections if it is placed on the outside. If you can't get to the outside of your windows, placing BirdTape on the inside will still give some small benefit.