How to Apply BirdTape

Birds hit your windows because they just can't see glass. ABC BirdTape has been tested and approved by bird experts at American Bird Conservancy, the leading bird conservation organization in the U.S., to alert birds to the presence of glass while allowing you to see out your windows from inside. See instructions below.


  • BirdTape is easily applied and lasts up to four years.
  • For best results, apply to the outside of windows. Pick a dry, sunny day to install.
  • Your windows must be clean and dry: Wash your windows with soap and water and rinse well after. Do not use spray-on window cleaning products as they leave a film behind that can prevent the tape from sticking properly. Use a squeegee to dry your windows or leave to dry in the sun.
  • Cut the tape to the desired lengths to form the pattern you wish to use for your window. Any of the patterns below will work
  • Peel the backing off each strip and place firmly on the glass. Press into place along the length of the tape using the edge of a credit card to remove any trapped air bubbles
  • To remove, peel off the tape from the glass and scrape any adhesive residue with a razor blade or putty knife.

ABC BirdTape is made in the USA.
Packaging made from recycled paper.

Suggested ¾" Tape Patterns:


Suggested 3" Tape Pattern: